We all need a good organisation and it's essentials to achieving a calm, productive and in control of your daily activities. Being able to manage deadlines, take notes and finances is a great feeling to lower our stress as well as setting our minds in a positive note. To do that we need the right tools and using them in a way that works for us.

For a long time, I struggled managing my daily activities and often times I let myself exhausted and sometimes leads to no discipline when it comes to procrastinating. Which is why I decided to create inserts that are easy to use and print from the comfort of your home at an affordable price.

Yes! I've finally done it. I have opened my little shop at ETSY called Razon Designs.I've had Etsy shop for a long time and never was confident to show my work nor have the courage to upload work. I feel that I'm ready.

Razon Designs is a printable planner organisation that focus on simplicity, modern and minimalistic. There are more ideas and items that I'll be uploading soon.

I hope you find these useful I put a lot of effort and thoughts to creating these inserts and I had a lot of fun making them. There are much more to come. Enjoy! 

Elegant MONTHLY + WEEKLY A4 Desk Pad Calendar
Hand drew ink pattern design for the calendar planning available at Etsy.

MINIMAL Marble PERSONAL Blog Planner
Keeping track of your post, finance, stats, hauls, favourites and etc. 

A5 MINIMAL Blog Planner