When it comes to skincare battling with unwelcome high pigmentation and dehydrated skin Mario Badescu is the one I mostly trust and most reach products from my skincare collections of all time.

Disclaimer: This is not by all means a sponsored post by Mario Badescu but I do admit I would love to be sponsored by them as I truly enjoy and love their products.

As a former acne sufferer, over time you develop what's, it's called Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation a medical term for discolouration of the skin that may look like sun spots when acne begins to clear up and left with pesky brown spots on any random places.

When I heard about Mario Badescu from Britta from BestBBcream now rebranded to KOJA Beauty runs a successful online shop and blog for Korean skincare and beauty lovers. She is the one that introduces me to Mario Badescu products 1 or 2 years ago when I personally emailed her about my troubled dark spot on my chin area as well as BB cream. I've never been so grateful and thank her for recommending. (P.S Make sure you visit KOJA Beauty and currently on Sale for Koreans products.)

Now, when it comes to finding your suitable products they tend to either not work for your skin type which is always a bummer. I find that Mario Badescu has many ranges of skincare for specific problems. 

My two favourite products that I can't live without are:

Is a gentle exfoliating toner that is perfect for sensitive to dry skin. It only contains 2% of glycolic acid, Aloe Vera and Grapefruit Extract. The toner helps to reduce discoloration from old acne scarring. It also revives the skin from looking dull and tired. I would only recommend applying this at night time as it may be too sensitive during the day which you have to use 50+ SPF. You'll see full research when you use this product gradually and noticed a different 6 months of using this product and ever since then I continued to purchase this product in a heartbeat. 

A refreshing mist sprays with heaven goodness that is suitable for all skin types. It has fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater which lightly refresh and boost hydration relieving dehydrated skin. Great for setting or finishing makeup. It's better than Mac setting spray or any other setting spray I've used.

These two products are my most important skincare essentials and I can never leave without them. I would highly recommend these products to anyone. It has improved my skin over the years and will continue to be purchasing from them.



Let's take a moment how gorgeous the packaging looks! It's what drawn me to buy this palette. I have this palette for a long time now since it came out at Boots and Superdrugs. People were raving about this palette and it's very affordable. 

In this palette, you have a wide range of colours from shimmery, satin and matte. However, I'm not a big fan of the bronzer it's not ideal for contouring as it's warmer and orange toned. I prefer using it as a transition shades or warming up the face. The highlighters are great but it's, even more, better if you use a setting spray to intensify that glow! 
The pigmentation is great but not as great as any other drugstore brand if you compare this to Sleek. 
The only dislike about this palette is that is very muted to the eyelid if you don't use any primer or a base. 

If you're one of those people who loves to look natural then this palette is gorgeous for no makeup makeup look It's amazing! 

I would highly recommend this to anyone especially for teenagers who are getting into makeup. It's a great starter and it's very affordable. 


Waking up in the morning is never easy and in fact, I hate waking up in the morning to the sound of an awful alarm clock, especially waking up while is still dark.

One of the main reasons many of us feel unsteady in the morning it's because of a sudden aggravating conventional alarm clock which is sometimes erratic. What if we wake up naturally without feeling groggy? Hold on a min yes! naturally. Have you ever heard of Sunriseclocks.co.uk? No, yes or maybe? It's a friendly alarm clock that is inspired by nature sunrise combined with a real unique light and sound that ables you to wake up more naturally.
The light source from the simple devices gradually brightens the room which mimics a natural sunrise. Not only the light will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day; At the set time, a sound will play to ensure you're awake. As for the light, the sound will also increase. However, it's not the typical sound you hear from a normal alarm clock, a sound that is more soothing to the ear when you wake up in the morning.  You can choose from any natural sounds or your favourite FM radio music.

Studies have shown that being exposed to a bright light in the morning will send a powerful signal that it's time to wake up. Is clear that gradual sunrise or simulated does have a powerful effect on our body, reducing sleep hormones and increasing hormones like cortisol to wake up.

  1. Reduces Drowsiness
  2. No Annoying Alarm
  3. Doubles as a Bedside Lamp
  4. Wake Up Gradually 
  5. Back Up
  6. Reset Body Clock

Overall the sunriseclocks.co.uk is great for anyone especially, to those who has a busy lifestyle that doesn't want their mood to be ruined by a ridiculous alarm sound. It also looks amazing and modern as a bedside alarm clock.

Do you prefer to wake up by light than sound? 

*This is sponsored post.


Here is a quick rundown of skincare and makeup haul. Some are gifted to me and some I bought with my money. No this is not a sponsored post.

Sunscreen: CLARINS PARIS 50SPF It's summer and the weather is absolutely humid in the UK I tend to forget to apply sunscreen on my face and didn't realise how important it is, especially to those who are sensitive to dark spot pigmentation. 

Facemask & Primer: A close friend of mine went to Japan and she got me a few face mask and a moisturiser makeup base. I can't wait to try the mask I will leave a review about it, however, I have tried the moisturising primer and stay tuned for the post.

Foundation: If you remember from my previous post I have listed a few wishlist and one of them is the foundation from L'oreal True Match. I decided to change it and went for L'oreal infallible foundation instead. (A review will be coming up soon about this foundation.) 

Stila Bronzer: I can't stop wearing this amazing and gorgeous bronzer from Stila, I end up using it as a contouring and for eyeshadows. (A video will be coming soon featuring Stila Bronzer for my everyday wear.)

Eyeliner: Just browsing through Superdrug and see any affordable eyeliner to try out. Surprisingly MUA really steps up their game, I really like MUA Matte Eyeliner. 

Did you buy anything nice? If so, What did you get? 


Time to time I find myself browsing through a catalogues filled with fashion pieces and accessories booklet to discover when they often come to your door step. Since technology is bigger than ever you can browse online and especially to those who are online shopaholic; which is why I like browsing through Catalogue to search for better deals and more importantly hunting for a gorgeous summer dress. 

Who are Catalogues247? They describe themselves as a small group of individuals with a large amount of knowledge and experience in the catalogue market field. The site is designed to help those who need a particular catalogue and unsure which one to choose. On Catalogue you can find an informative review of the top UK catalogues as well as guides on where to buy the most popular products. Not only they do fashion but other products such as laptops, sofas and etc.

I love looking through Women's clothing at the Catalogues and provide you with 3 different websites to choose from and a wide range of style for all women in sizes. All the clothes are on trends especially the dresses are gorgeous! They are currently on sale and amazingly Catalogues is super generous with the discount code which is always updating. Unlike any other catalogue often times not updated or expired. Even better if you subscribe to their mail list for 10% on your first order.

Catalogues offer an overview of different credit options that are available on the websites. Here are the few I mentioned: 

  • Buy Now Pay Later: which allow you to buy immediately and pay for it at a later date.
  • Pay Monthly: is popular among customer. Paying monthly for your purchases is a great way to break up payments
  • Pay Weekly: is a credit option for those who struggle to save. Each payment will be 4 times smaller than if you chose to pay monthly. 

Of course, they have other payment options if these doesn't work out for you. Always read through their policies before signing up and choose the right deals. 

Overall it's such an amazing websites by providing simplicity, discount offers and informative products as well as giving us the best online shopping experience while on a budget, however, this only applies to the UK residents.

This is a sponsored post*


From my previous post, I've talked about my relationship and dad being in the hospital; I'm happy to say that he's on his way to recovery. My relationship is still hard and we both working on it;

Now, Anxiety is the worst thing that could happen on the spot. At first, you feel good and then consume you; I struggled to confront my fears and end up being so mad at myself, whether asking a simple question to strangers, presentation, what other people think of me and crowded places.


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