It's finally Autumn! Is one of my favourite seasons I'm going to share a gorgeous blush by Stila Cosmetic.

I'm sure you probably own any of Stila products and I picked up this particular blush called ''Custom Color Blush Self -Adjusting Bronze''. 

Let's start with the packaging; I love the black container, especially, it has an additional mirror inside. Inside, the colours remind me of ground cinnamon and I am craving cinnamon buns but let's move on. The colour is stunning it has that nice sheer glitter with dark orange but the sheer glitter doesn't show up once you apply on your skin. Which is great for me I'm not into any glittery blush if you're into highlighting to avoid any more highlight on my face.
If you're going to use this for contouring I wouldn't recommend it, especially if you have a quite pale skin. However, don't be discourage you can get away using it as eyeshadows or just slightly tap the excess colour and just apply a tiny bit on your cheeks. The pigmentation is insane it's beautiful when you apply it on olive to dark skin tone. I love that it is very smooth and buttery, you do tend to get fall out but it's not a big issue. 

The blush is currently retail for £13.00 at LookFantastic


A heavy duty foundation claims to last 24H will make anyone's eyes roll.The first time I heard about the L'oreal Paris Infallible on youtube my thoughts were I have to have it.

Despite my unsuccessful colour match experience from the drugstore, I was a little uncertain about the formula as well as the colour. It's difficult to find a yellow undertone as most of the drugstore foundation contain warm pink to ash tone. With the help of ''Foundation Matrix'' from Temptalia websites, I was happy to purchase the product.

  • Full coverage 
  • Hides the appearance of fatigue and blemishes
  • Hydrating Hyaluronic Complex

Depends on what tools you use to apply liquid foundation can verify how light or heavy coverage you want. Personally, this foundation is best to use a beauty blender if you're going for a natural airbrush look.

The shade I have is 140 Golden Beige, it has a beautiful yellow undertone.
The consistency of the foundation is quite thick but still liquidy. Very easy to build up layers and It applies evenly to my skin without clinging into my dry patches. A great moisturiser will fix the problem for double hydration if you have extremely dry skin. 

The foundation is almost as good as my MAC Studio Fix as both are full coverage, it hides most of my impurities and fatigue without looking like a zombie. Due to its power hydration, I'm quite happy how hydrated my skin feels. This foundation is not designed for oily skin or else you'll look like a disco ball which you want to prevent that, however, there is an oily version that every blogger and youtuber loves.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with L'oreal Infallible foundation and it is stunningly beautiful on the skin. The only negative things I would say is I wouldn't recommend keeping foundation for 24hr. You want to use a good setting spray to keep your foundation looking flawless. It also oxidise to your skin tone, however, you have to be careful choosing the right shade to avoid having one shade darker than your natural skin tone once it oxidises.


I've been ever so nervous creating a Facebook page that aims for a close community with the same interests. I know how important it is as a blogger to find the right audiences to share your enthusiasm towards beauty & fashion.

I am ready to introduce BUBBLE: Beauty & Fashion Bloggers

You have no idea how happy I am to be able to create something that we all can benefit. I understand the struggle for wanting your written words to be read when you took the time and hours to write and take the photograph to the perfection; in the end, you want something more rewarding and returning a favour without taking advantage of others good will.

Where did the name Bubble come from? and What made you decide to create the group? 
Bubble to me sounds singular, however, It's a way for me to describe that we all living in the same category of interest towards beauty & fashion. What made me create this blog it's because I was inspired by BloggerClubUK Facebook group. A close group that I've been with for a long time now and I've learned so much from being with them when it comes to understanding any blogging error, tips and tricks from fellow bloggers. If you haven't joined with them then you should! However, I do want something that is related to my own interest and topics than randoms.

My group is quite different to any beauty & fashion Facebook group, often times you mainly link down your page and hoping someone will check them out. In this case is different, you interact with the daily threads and every month I host Follow For Follow of any social media you have. For more info Join Bubble Facebook page!

Please bare in mind that the group is quite small and it's new. The official threads will start on Sept 19, 2016. If you want to be a part of a friendly community and become Bubble family. Don't hesitate to join us! Hopefully, if you have a friend or know any bloggers let them know Bubble: Beauty & Fashion Bloggers. 


Our main reason to apply blush is to give our cheeks colour as well as looking healthy. It's fairly straightforward: You take a fluffy or angle brush you swirl your brush into your rouge and gently swipe it onto your face. It maybe the basic ways of applications, however, there are ways to enhance your bones structure for a more flattering look.

So, you found your perfect blush colour for your skin tone now how to apply blush for your face shape:

This is my illustration of well-known celebrities demonstrating where you should apply your blush if you have:

I hope you find this helpful and let me know by commenting down below: What's your favourite blush colour? 

YOU MAKE ME BLUSH - How to apply blush for your face shape!

Recently, I've changed my email contact for more professional approach and related to my blog name than my previous email: ''imarazon'' to ''''.

The new email will be my main to those who wants to get in contact with me asap. Please bare in mind that this email is for business purpose only or collaboration. I do in fact don't mind to receive Q & A as long as is related to my blog content.

P.S I've made my email illustration on photoshop and I feel like it makes a great T-shirt or a pattern for phone cases. What do you think guys?


We all should get into a habit of writing down our goals each month; You'll be surprised how much you can accomplish. Truthfully, It's my first time introducing this on my blog and would like to keep this up every month.

1) Self-study about SEO and google analytics
2) Meet new bloggers and collaboration opportunities
3) Stay focused with schedules
4) Focus more time on growing my Instagram
5) Challenge myself to be more creative that includes photography, writing and compositions
6) Get into a habit of engaging with facebook groups or other groups
7) Read more books to improve my writings
8) Set a time and schedules when to blog or breaks.
9) Do me than trying to keep up with other trends
10) Stop comparing myself to other bloggers and be more confident


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